The IBPP::User class holds the information that the Firebird server manages about a user. It is not an interface class, with automatic smart pointer management like for instance the Database class. It is a plain classical C++ class. It is used by some of the Service interface methods.


See the file ibpp.h for an up-to-date definition.

Public Data members

  • std::string username
  • std::string password
  • std::string firstname
  • std::string middlename
  • std::string lastname
  • uint32_t userid
  • uint32_t groupid

These above public data members can be freely edited by the host application.


void clear()

Clears a user object to its defaults state upon default construction. All string members are empty strings and the userid and groupid are set to 0.



Construct an empty user, the same as when calling clear() upon an existing one.

User(const User&)

Ordinary copy constructor. To make the User a good citizen of your code.


User& operator=(const User&)

To assign a user from another one.

See also

The Service interface is the only part of IBPP which makes use of this User class.

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