The IBPP::Timestamp class represents a SQL timestamp value. It is not an interface class, with automatic smart pointer management like for instance the database class. It is a plain classical C++ class. Use it to interact easily with TIMESTAMP (SQL) columns in your databases.


See the file ibpp.h for an up-to-date definition.

A Timestamp is a pure inline class, inheriting simply from both the Date and Time classes and overriding some of the methods. This implies that a Timestamp is made of just two integers for its data part. The class Timestamp is a light object which you can use without fear of bulky data structures.

Also, this documentation only describes methods which are overriden from their base Date and Time or added. All the other methods of their base classes are available. For instance, one can call the Date AddDays() method on a Timestamp value.


void Clear()

Resets the date to -1 (invalid date) and the time to midnight (0), effectively clearing the Timestamp to its default value after construction.

void Today()

Similar to its Date counterpart, sets the date to today, but clears the time part to 0.

void Now()

Similar to its Time counterpart, sets both the date and the time to 'now' (local time).



The default constructructor builds an empty timestamp (no date and midnight), same as if Clear() was called on an existing timestamp.

Time(int year, int month, int day)

Creates a Timestamp with that date and a time of 0.

Time(int year, int month, int day, int hour, int minute, int second, int tenthousands = 0)

Creates a Timestamp with that date and time, tenthousands being optional and defaulting to 0.

Timestamp(const Timestamp&)

Ordinary copy constructor. To make the Timestamp a good citizen of your code.

Timestamp(const Date&)

Creates a Timestamp by copying a Date. The time portion is set to 0.

Timestamp(const Time&)

Creates a Timestamp by copying a Time. The date is set to invalid (-1).


Timestamp& operator=(const Timestamp&)

To assign a timestamp from another one.

Timestamp& operator=(const Date&)

To assign a timestamp from a date, the time portion is set to 0.

Timestamp& operator=(const Time&)

To assign a timestamp from a time, the date portion is set to invalid (-1).

bool operator==(const Timestamp&)

To compare two Timestamps for equality (date and time exactly equal).

bool operator<(const Timestamp&)

To compare if one Timestamp is strictly 'lower' (means 'before') the other.

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