Projects using IBPP

Here are some links or references to projects using IBPP (and Firebird or InterBaseĀ®). There are probably a lot more than theseā€¦ ;-)


A database administration tool for Firebird, on

  • lightweight (small footprint, fast execution)
  • cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, others planned too)
  • dependent only on other Open Source software

Attic Manager

By at
Inventory software for Home and Small Business


SQLManagerX, on

FBExport, FBCopy and Firebird plugin for Nagios

By Milan Babuskov, on


By Javier Soques, on

TIP Integral R/5

By T.I.P. Group S.A., on

A commercial ERP for small and medium businesses, fully covering business in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and in a somewhat more limited way USA and Czech Republic.

Useful links

Some other external links to useful resources about Firebird.

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